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Homework classes during COVID-19

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Since March 2020, all of the schools in the region are closed. Children are supposed to get virtual classes, but a lot of kids don’t have access to the internet and are barely getting an education. So Inti Sisa decided to open its doors for the kids of Guamote and surrounding communities to come and follow classes with us.

About 45 kids between five and thirteen years old came to our educational center every day, where Eva, Sarah and Tom turned into passionate teachers. After their virtual classes, kids would stay and do their homework with the help from our three ”emergency teachers”.  In addition to following classes and doing homework, they also keep their spirits up and are motivated to go back to school when the time comes.

And since we noticed that a lot of kids don’t get a decent meal at home, we asked Juanita to prepare a delicious and healthy lunch for all the children every day.