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The Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse works with 8 fulltime contracted staff members: 6 local people from Guamote and the surrounding communities and 2 Belgians; giving the best of themselves, every day again. Besides that, we also contract drivers for tours and transfers.

As Inti Sisa is in first instance an educational project, one of the most important goals of Inti Sisa is to offer opportunities to women and teenagers. So to spice up the team, there are some youngsters from the neighborhood and some extra girls, helping out on busy moments. This way they get an opportunity to learn and gain experience.

“As a team we are very proud of what we do. And with passion we dedicate ourselves to our mission: offering every tourist a unique experience in Guamote.” – Eva, tourism coordinator at Inti Sisa

Lazaro ::: handyman, guide and music teacher

Lazaro was born and raised in Guamote and has three children. He has worked for Inti Sisa since the absolute beginning, where he first started as a construction worker. After Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse was built, he stayed and is now very happy with his multiple functions. His all-time favorite dish is guinea pig with potatoes from the grill. Besides his main job as tour guide and porter at Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse he is also part of Inti Sisa’s folklore house band and teaches music classes to children at the center.

Encarnación ::: accounting

Encarnación’s dream is, and always has been, to show her capacities in a foundation that is economically sufficient in order to help improve the surrounding communities. Encarnación has been with Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse since the beginning in 1999, and her father is one of the founders. She works primarily in accounting and sometimes helps out in the kitchen. She wants to keep going forward and learn more about accounting, and maybe learn a little English to be able to have small conversations with tourists. Her favorite food is llapingachos (fried potato balls) and she enjoys listening to the smooth music of Romeo Santos in the office.

Ermelinda ::: cooking and cleaning

Ermelinda has been part of the Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse team since early 2014. She lives in a village about 20 minutes way by foot, together with her husband, three children and dog named Hadi. She enjoys listening to traditional music and her favorite dish is yaguarlocro, a hearty soup. She really enjoys everything about her job. She hopes one day to be able to build a bigger house for her family.

Martha ::: working in the sewing workshop

Martha is one of our employees who has been with us since 2004 and started with helping out in everything: making snacks for the children at the daycare, helping out with cleaning and accounting when needed. She also was a student at Catalina’s sewing workshop and after graduating, she now produces artisanías to sell to visitors of Inti Sisa foundation. Her dream is for her son to go studying and for Inti Sisa foundation to keep on growing and doing good for the community.

Patty ::: kindergarten teacher

Laura ::: kindergarten teacher

Carlos ::: driver

Carlos has been working for Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse since 2012. Juanita introduced him as a driver to take the teachers upto the communities. Now he does all the transportation of Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse. He loves football and to be out in the mountains during his free time. His favorite food? Guinea pig with potatoes, best eaten together with his family. His dream is to keep working as long as his health lets him and to pass on his job to his son.

Alex ::: driver

Alex has been working with us as a driver since the beginning of 2018, he has driven tourists to many places all over Ecuador, and getting to know a little bit more of his own country in the process. He has a wife and a 2-year-old daughter, and he is working toward building his own house and buying a car. His favorite food is patacones (fried plantain) with fish, a typical coastal dish. And in his free time, he plays volley or a game of football with the other drivers.

Byron ::: helping hand

Byron has been with us since he was very young. His family lives across the street, so he came to our homework classes as a child and often stayed to help clean up in the hotel. He started doing the dishes, setting the tables, and even learnt some English. Inti Sisa inspired him to study in Quito to become a National Tour guide. He finished university early 2020 and hopes to start his dream job soon. He helps out in the kitchen or guiding tourists, and he loves playing volley or football with his friends in the evening after work is done. He wants to keep improving his English and gain more experience in tourism.

Widison ::: helping hand

Eva ::: general coordination and guide

After having fallen in love with Latin America in earlier travels, Eva traded Belgium for Guamote in 2011 and has since then set roots in town with her 4 rescue dogs. Eva loves going out to the mountains with her dogs, or hang out with the children in the communities. She recently bought land so she’s starting to learn about agriculture. Eva is convinced she has the best job in the world and she loves the fact that through tourism she – and all guests of Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse – can do a lot for the communities of Guamote. Her dream is to build her own sustainable house and to buy some horses. And learn more kichwa!

Sarah ::: general coordination and guide

Sarah studied tourism in Belgium and came to Inti Sisa for her internship in 2016. Ever since the internship, this has been her dream job. She volunteered during high season and in March 2019, she officially became part of our team. She is convinced that community tourism is the future, and her dream is to one day have her own sustainable project with a focus on community tourism. She loves going for walks with her dogs on sunny days and eating fritada on the Thursday market.

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