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Inti Sisa is a non-profit foundation that organizes workshops in Guamote, a small Andean village at 3056 m above sea level, centrally situated on the Andes Avenue. Inti Sisa was born out of a living and working experience with the indigenous population. Inti Sisa was created with the objective to create opportunities, offering high quality training at a low cost.

Our foundation


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Our projects

Inti Sisa not only have their own foundation but we also help wherever we can in the community of Guamote. For instance, giving kids the time of their life at the end of the school year or take care that the kids have school material at the beginning of the school year. These are small examples of the projects Inti Sisa takes care of. However, these very sympathetic projects fit completely in the atmosphere of Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse.

Our projects


Our staff

Meet the people that work at Inti Sisa and who will help you to sleep like a baby in the cold Andean night. Of course our local staff members, but also our two Belgian staff members who help in tourism and education.

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What’s going on? Who came to visit us? Where will we go this week? What has been done? If there is any news to tell, you can find it here.

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