A visit to the mighty Chimborazo volcano


The Chimborazo volcano is the highest mountain in Ecuador (6310 m a.s.l) and if you measure it from the center of the earth, it is the highest mountain on earth (because the earth is an ellipse and Chimborazo lays straight on the equator, its peak is the furthest point away from the earth’s center).

Located in the central Andes, it is one of the most impressive volcanoes from the ´avenue of the volcanoes´, as described by the German geographer Alexander from Humboldt in the 19th century, existing of a range of over 20 volcanoes crossing Ecuador.


We drive up to the first refuge (4800m) where we will have a coca tea and some popcorn to acclimatize. After that we will walk to the Whymper refuge at 5000 meter altitude. If we are lucky we can enjoy beautiful sunset views on the way back to Guamote.


“We took the tour to Chimborazo which was fantastic – a great hike (altitude felt but we had already acclimated), beautiful, rich with history and stunning views.” – traveler C.K. from the United States


Naturalist guide, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, water and a snack

What to bring:
Warm clothing, rain jacket, steady shoes