Community visit in the mountains


The canton of Guamote is the most traditional region in Ecuador. 95% of the population is Indigenous (while in the whole of Ecuador it is only 25%). Guamote itself has about 5,000 inhabitants, but in the mountains surrounding Guamote another 40,000 people live in small communities. On this trip we take you to visit some of these little villages and will show you some of the projects we support in the mountains.


We will start the day with a visit to our own educational center Inti Sisa in Guamote. Here we have a kindergarten and we teach sewing, computer class and English. Every Sunday we also have a traditional Andean music course. Our sewing teacher, computer teacher and English volunteer go and teach in the local community schools.

After that we take off for a beautiful ride by car through the mountains and explain you some more about the history of this region and the Indigenous culture and traditions. Our program depends on the day of the week, the weather and the local activities that day. Normally, we make a stop at the primary school where we teach English and where the kids will tell you about the daily school life (be ready to play some football or a pato-ganzo game). Sometimes we visit an agricultural college where we will get an explanation about local agriculture and medicinal plants. After that we can go to the house of a traditional weaver who will show you how they make their typical ponchos from the sheep and alpaca wool. At last we will visit an Indigenous family and see their authentic housing (choza) to get an idea about how people live in the mountains. Then we continue our scenic drive back to Guamote. People who want, can walk back to Guamote (+/- 1.5 hours).


“During our stay we visited a local school up in the mountains and helped the children by preparing the Mother’s day presents for the next day. On the next morning we were even invited for their small ‘Mother’s day party’.” – traveler Philip from Germany


Water and snacks, contribution to the projects we visit, guide, transportation by car

What to bring:
Warm clothing, rain jacket, steady shoes