Cooking class


The best way to get to know a country is by experiencing its cuisine! We invite you to get a taste of Ecuador with Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse’s cooking workshop, guided by Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse’s wonderful kitchen staff.

During this workshop our staff will show you how to make empanadas, a traditional Ecuadorian snack loved by everyone. Empanadas are small dough packages that can be filled with everything: chicken, cheese, meat and more! All-time Guamote favorites are empanadas filled with cheese and topped with sugar! We also have an Inti-Sisa empanada that is filled with banana and topped with chocolate. After making them comes the best part: sit down and enjoy the wonderful deliciousness you prepared! In the second part of the cooking class you will learn to make an original Inti Sisa recipe: croquettes of quinoa, an exceptional appetizer and (vegetarian) twist on the traditional croquette.

*Cooking workshops for big groups will only include the croquettes of quinoa

Included: All ingredients

Duration: approx. 1 to 2 hours