The Indigenous people still use a lot of traditional medicine and spiritual healing. They strongly believe that any physical or mental problem has something to do with disturbed energies in our bodies. If people get sick they will visit a shaman or healer. Jose Cepeda is such a person that has the power to mediate between the physical and spiritual world, curing people. His father was a shaman and his mother a traditional midwife (partera). He learned his art from his parents and interchanges with other shamans. He has this special power to feel energies and vibes in people and his surroundings. From being in a spiritual bond with the pachamama (mother earth) he manages to balance people. He does all type of rituals: medical healings with herbs, stones, colognes, asking the spirits for good energy.


We will visit Jose at his home in Columbe (15 minutes from Guamote) where he has a traditional temacal (womb type of healing place) and a garden with all the plants and natural medicine. He will explain you what shamanism is and how he received his powers. After this introduction in the reception room the group will receive a communal cleaning ritual, blessing the whole group and filling it up with good travel energy.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hour