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The bead-family in Guamote

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START PROJECT: November 2016

At the other side of the street where the Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse is situated lives the family Monte. The family consists of the mother, her 7 children and 1 granddaughter. The two fathers left.

*Mother Maria Rosa is 31 years old so she gave birth to her eldest daughter when she was 12 years old. She sometimes has a job as doing laundry or helping to sell food. She earns about U$50,00 per month.
*Daughter Janneth is 19 years old. She studies 2 days a week in college.
*Daughter Miriam is 16 and goes to college.
*Daughter Dolores is 14 years old and also goes to college.
*Her son Segundo is 11 years old and goes to the local school.
*Alex is 9 years old and also goes to the local school.
*Sara, her daughter, is 2 years old.
*Luci is 6 months old, and
*Ruth is the daughter of Janneth, thus granddaughter from Maria.

Of course, Maria´s income, 50 dollars per month, is not enough. Too little to die, not enough to live. She receives help from the Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse, e.g. food. Sometimes the children knock at the Guesthouse door because they are hungry and did not eat the whole day.

The school costs 5 dollars per month and a uniform 40 dollars per year, per child. Apart from these costs, they have to buy the school materials. A total of 80 dollars per year per child. The four oldest children dream to become a doctor and Alex wants to be an artist.

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