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Daily school lunches

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Start project: 2015

Inti Sisa works closely together with the primary schools of 3 communities. Communities are small villages, located in the mountains. Every community has its own primary school for the children of the village. The smallest school we work with is located in Palacio and has only 8 students and 1 teacher, the school in Chan Chan has 28 students and 2 teachers and the school in Ozogoche has 32 students and 3 teachers.

With donations we receive from tourists that visit Inti Sisa, we are able to send food to these schools every week. We send different vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, beans, and sometimes tuna or meat. The teachers organize the parents so that every day, one of the mothers of the students comes to the school to cook lunch for everyone. This lunch, that they have during school hours is for a lot of children the best meal of the day. Malnutrition is a big problem in this area. Though many people have their own terrain to grow something, because of the high altitude, products that grow best in this region are potatoes, beans, carrots, and grains.  As a result, many people are limited to these products. Good nutrition is known to help kids study and focus better. In this case, children even go to school more often now that we provide lunch. In rural areas it is not uncommon that children have to help their parents on the field, sell things on the market or take care of smaller brothers and sisters, but we noticed that, since starting the program in 2015, school attendance has gone up. Parents send their children to school more often to make sure their kids will have at least one good meal a day.

To give you an idea, we spend in total around 350$ per month to give all the kids (and teachers) in these schools a healthy lunch on school days.

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