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Face masks to help prevent COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the facemask became a part of our daily outfit. Wearing a facemask protects you and others, and helps prevent the spread of the virus. In Ecuador it is obligated to wear a mask, you could risk a fine or even jail time if you don’t. However, a lot of families in this region don’t have great financial means, and the masks they have to buy are often an impossible extra cost.

So our sewing teacher Martha went to work. After a process of buying fabrics, trying out different designs, sizes, colors, and what not, we finally came up with a durable, washable and re-usable mask. She made over 2000 masks that we handed out here in Guamote and in the surrounding communities to friends, neighbors, and anyone else that didn’t have a mask.

We were also able to donate some fabrics to a women’s organization where we teach sewing classes in a nearby community called Jatunpamba. The 20 women of the organization practiced their sewing skills and made masks for their entire community.

We were able to make this project happen thanks to many donations of our loyal Inti Sisa friends!

We also started making face masks to sell, embroidered with a logo or a coold design. Once tourism gets a boost again, we hope to sell these to tourists to assure them of a safe trip and give them a unique souvenir in the process!

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