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At Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse we offer many different tours that are both walking and cycling. We have two community tours. One is a walking tour and lasts 4.5hours and the other is a bicycle tour which lasts 7 hours. The community tour includes visiting the local school, an agricultural college and a professional weaver.

We also offer a tour to visit Chimborazo to view the amazing sunset. The tour lasts 5 hours and starts at 2:30pm. We will take the jeep up to 4800 meters and from there we will walk up to 5000m to watch the sunset on Ecuadors highest volcano(6310m) Make sure to dress warmly

The Mountain Bike tour to Atillo lasts for 8 hours and consists of a breathtaking cycle through the idigenous communities to the legendary lakes of Atillo. No need to worry. the cycle is all downhill and consists of part transport part cycle

Horseback riding is definitely a tour that should not be missed. Take a tour that lasts for 4 hours as you get to see the landscapes and villages of Guamote with a nice height advantage

Cooking classes. Learn to make empanadas and delicous fruit salads in the Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse kitchen. Test your skills in the kitchen as you learn about the local dishes that are served in Ecuador.

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