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Start project: 2015

Inti Sisa works closely together with the primary schools of 3 communities. Communities are small villages, located in the mountains. Every community has its own primary school for the children of the village. The smallest school we work with is located in Palacio and has only 8 students and 1 teacher, the school in Chan Chan has 28 students and 2 teachers and the school in Ozogoche has 32 students and 3 teachers.

Children in these communities don’t often go outside of their village, some of them know Guamote or the biggest nearby city: Riobamba, because here they can buy different things or sell their crops on the market with their parents. Unfortunately, they often don’t know much of their country besides this. That is why, every year, at the end of the school year, we organize school trips! In general, if a child wants to join the school trip, they have to pay for the trip, money the majority of the parents in communities don’t have. Instead, Inti Sisa gathers donations throughout the year to finance the school trip. We take the children and a couple supervising teachers to Baños, a beautiful valley surrounded by waterfalls. We visit the zoor, or the famous waterfall, Pailon Del Diablo, cross a ravine with a cable car where we have a delicious lunch and go to the pool in the afternoon. These children have probably never seen a tiger, a waterfall or been to a pool. Nobody can swim, and it is a whirlwind of activity, but the kids are very excited and look forward to the school trip all year long, for them, this is a once in a lifetime experience. We try to take as many schools as possible each year but that depends on our budget. In 2019, we were able to make the trip with in total 5 schools!

The cost of 1 school trip for 35 – 40 children is $600, this includes transportation, entry prices and 3 meals.

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