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Sewing classes in Jatunpamba

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Start project: 2018

Since the beginning of the Project in 1999, we have been teaching sewing classes in our educational center in Guamote. Women (and some men) come weekly to learn how to make beautiful embroidered blouses and other clothing. Two years ago, in 2018, the women from the women organization in Jatunpamba came to ask if we could teach sewing in their local community. And as it easier to bring one teacher up, than to bring all these women down to Guamote, we were very excited by the idea. We installed sewing machines in their community house and started weekly Sunday classes. Every weekend about 20 women meet up with our teacher. They started with learning how to embroider and make blouses.

Thanks to a fabric donation of Plan International, we could even start the production of warmer clothing. Sadly enough the machines they were using were not strong enough for these new, thick fabrics. But in January 2020 we got some very good news from Wim Holtermans, he visited us in October 2019. He ‘got stuck’ in Inti Sisa for 8 days because of big strikes paralizing the country with roadblocks preventing people to leave Guamote. But Wim, together with 55 other tourists made the best of it. Once back home Wim, impressed by what Inti Sisa can do for the local people, decided to support the workshop in Jatunpamba with his Wilde Ganzen organization. They donated 2 professional sewing machines which gave an inspiring upgrade to our sewing classes. The gratefullnes of these women is immense. We are looking forward to expand our classes and the women are now even dreaming about starting their local entreprise producing clothing and handicrafts they can sell.

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