Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good!

Developing tourism in a vulnerable but highly potential region brings a lot of responsibility with it. As a powerful project with a big possible impact ratio, we are well aware of our social, ecological and economical duties. Our mission is to create opportunities and promote sustainable development for, and with, the surrounding Indigenous communities. We work to empower, inspire and mobilize people to effect real, long lasting change.

So for us sustainable tourism is a logical and the only correct way to practice tourism because we cannot risk damaging the beautiful environment and inspiring culture we live from and you come to enjoy. 

As Inti Sisa we try to make a difference every day again. And you can help us with that. What you do will probably not save our world in one day but it will definitely mark the difference between what is happening and what could and will happen. 

Ecological sustainability – Planet

We took a lot of measurements to reduce our environmental impact:

Social sustainability – People

We don’t only have a commitment towards the environment. We are also very well aware of our social responsibility. So in Inti Sisa we work with:

Our profits go back to all our social and educational projects. We work closely together with various communities and local families. Our mission is to keep offering opportunities to the people of this region, motivating local, sustainable development and strengthen them in their capability to transmit the history of Indigenous culture. Their story, traditions, values and visions are what makes this region so unique and our Inti Sisa story worth living and telling.

Our goal is to amplify the respect and understanding between different cultures.

Financial sustainability – Profit

All the people working in Inti Sisa receive honest wages and have health insurance. We pay our providers correct prices. And we finance a lot of social and educational projects.
So the prices we charge are a reflection of our social and ecological engagement. Thanks to your stay, the activities you do, the meals you consume and the drinks you have (yes indeed, you are having a beer or a bottle of wine to serve a good cause 😉 we can run a financially healthy and socially benefitting enterprise. We do good by doing well.

Gracias-Thank you-Yupaichani-Merci-Vielen Dank-Dankjewel