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The animal sterilisation project Guamote

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START PROJECT: November 2016

On November 18th and 19th   2016, Inti Sisa organized, together with Snap Spay and Neuter Ambato Program and the municipality of Guamote, a free dogs and cats sterilization – castration campaign in Guamote. As in a lot of Ecuadorian cities and villages, also in Guamote, there is a problem of overpopulation of dogs, living and causing annoyance in the streets. The best solution is castrating and sterilizing, to prevent further propagating and to make the animals more docile. Thanks to Eva´s (Inti Sisa manager) big love for dogs and the good contacts she has with Diego Barrera, the head veterinarian of the program, Inti Sisa managed to organize this campaign for the first time in the history of Guamote. Ten American veterinarians and vet assistants, and 3 Ecuadorian veterinarians from Ambato, came two days to the village to operate in total 204 cats and dogs. We were a bit worried that people wouldn’t bring their animals. But we were absolutely stunned by the outcome. People from all over Guamote, and also from further communities came with their pets.


With the sad result that we even had to send away people the last day because we ran out of turns. And even now, weeks after it, they keep asking when we will do it again!

All the neighbour dogs of the Inti Sisa hotel got spayed! And we even found a new home for some little puppies that we found on the street!


We were very pleased when these veterinarians decided to come to Guamote. Eva spend days, going from door to door, explaining all the people in Guamote what ‘a sterilization’ is and how important it was that we would show that, we, Guamote people, care about our village and our animals. Eva even went to speak in front of the 1500 students here in high school.


And when we saw all these people walking through the streets, bringing their dogs, we couldn’t be more proud. We had cars full of animals arriving. We even pulled puppies out of sand tunnels. A woman, of who we are not even sure they have enough to provide the daily needs for their own families, brought in their pets to have them sterilized. Kids came and helped us to take care of the dogs coming out of anaesthesia.… It was one big success.

kid   kid 2   kid 1

We didn’t just spay and neuter 200 animals, we did more far than that. Guamote is one of the poorest, less developed regions in Ecuador. But the people showed, that no matter how few things they own, no matter how poor they live… they care! They care about the wellbeing of their pets, but moreover they care about the wellbeing of their village and the values they teach their children.

Now, two weeks after the campaign, we still have people saying thank you and asking when we will do it again. So hopefully this was the start of something bigger! Hopefully we can continue raising donations to keep doing things like this!

The whole crew stayed 3 nights in Inti Sisa. They were, we quote: ‘very impressed by the hospitality and the food, made by the Inti Sisa team’. They promised to come back next year, so hopefully we can do it again!



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This very sympathetic project fits completely into the atmosphere of Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse/CE Travels´ mission: TOURISM IN FAVOR OF ALL OF US.

Quito, Ecuador, November 2016

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